VTech Dino is Bronco the Triceratops

VTech is a brand that speaks volumes when it comes to providing toys for children, which are tools of learning as well. Surging ahead in its quest for making such interesting and attention capturing toys, VTech has introduced switch and go Dinos. One such extraordinary Dino is Bronco the Triceratops.

Triceratops was the last known non-avian dinosaurs. These Dinos were herbivores. Their most striking feature was their three horned face. In fact in Greek triceratops means, “three horn face”. Capturing the essence of the triceratops is VTech’s Dino Bronco. Made of durable plastic Dino Bronco, it is available in bright red color with blue and yellow highlights. This gentle giant of a toy Dino makes every little boy want it.

VTech Dino Bronco is a two-in-one toy. It operates both as a Dino and a super fast remote operated racing car. In the car mode this toy comes with working headlights and as a Dino it is full of triceratops trivia and facts. The children can customize Bronco by experimenting with different eyes in the Dino form. Also they can pick different driver faces when it’s in the racing car mode. Full of very captivating sound effects and sentences, bronco is a source of considerable information.

Converting the VTech Dino Bronco from a gentle, slow moving and very heavy Dino to a sleek and fast race car can be done at the push of a button. Your child sure is going to enjoy this transformation again and again. Dino Bronco is a light weight toy unlike its actual namesake which weighed tonnes. Being light it is easy for little children to pick it up and carry from one place to another. Owners pride, this toy will assure your child long hours of entertainment.

As an electronic learning toy, Dino Bronco far exceeds expectations. It has captured young minds and parents alike. The quality of the product is also very good. It has no sharp edges so really very safe for the children to play with. Let your young children enjoy personalizing this jazzy little toy, they can try something new every day. Offering a wide range of entertainment Dino bronco has fast become a beloved toy of the children.

VTech has always strived for excellence. Adding another chapter to its continuous success is the VTech Dino Bronco. Imparting knowledge do improving basic motor skills of the children, Dino bronco is a toy worth collecting. This toy is a complete pleasure to own and play. Check out Vtech Dinos here


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